How to manipulate someone

In the same way there’s a Michael Jordan of basketball and a Mike Tyson of boxing there are people who exist in this world who hold the same level of skill in in a different art…the art of manipulation. Although we are often blind to this behavior in our youth as the years begin to... Continue Reading →


Have you been rejected? Why it doesn’t matter

I have had my articles accepted into many publications during my time on Medium but have also had some articles rejected,  what should I take away from this? In my view it’s one person reading my article and giving their opinion on it, so put very simply and with all due respect …screw that person.... Continue Reading →

You drink? Read this

I come from a small country village in Ireland where it is fair to say drinking is definitely the norm. Going into a pub where I’m from you will notice a few things. You might notice your pint will be poured by a bright eyed 14 or 15 year old whose doing his weekend shift... Continue Reading →

Becoming a writer on Medium

So shortly after joining WordPress I heard about a site called Medium. Similar to WordPress writers can post their articles and have a community of people to read, support and engage with. Medium stands out as a platform for a number of reasons You can repost old material If you join medium you don’t have... Continue Reading →


So we all do it, analyse ourselves and analyse what other people think of us. This is done at home in our spare time and often in the very middle of a conversation. The question which concerns me is what is happening when you are in the middle of a conversation and a flood of... Continue Reading →

The Halo and Horns effect

There are terms in psychology known as the horns and the halo effect. Simply put they are a cognitive bias that causes you to allow one trait, either good (halo) or bad (horns), to overshadow other traits, behaviours, actions, or beliefs. One great example of the halo effect in action is our overall impression of... Continue Reading →

What writing means to me

It seems odd at first glance to see that I and many others often post about things that are deeply personal. I have written about depression, the death of my sister, addictions and many other topics close to my heart. Even though I can open up and divulge my inner struggles to complete strangers I... Continue Reading →

Quote Challenge – Day 1

Whats happening! I was nominated for The Three Day Quote Challenge by a blogger named thought for change.  She has alot of great posts so you should deffinately check her page out 🙂 This quote is one I have often used whenever I have been feeling particularly stressed and it always made me grin and... Continue Reading →

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