A few things I have learned from side hustles – week one

Starting out

There seems to be an abundance of blogs and YouTube videos online giving advice on how to start your business, the title usually goes something like “How to make $10,000 your first month on amazon!”. There seems to be a gap in the market for those starting out who wish to document their journey step by step from day one, why is this? It’s not sexy to talk about your 5 sales in a week and the grind of getting things off the ground, that’s why!

In writing this blog I do not wish to try and present myself as a business start-up guru because I am not, I am simply documenting my journey. I am at the very beginning, one week in to trying to make money online through various methods. I will discuss in the future what’s working, what’s failing and also what I’m learning along the way.

Below is a list of some of the things I have noticed and am keeping in mind throughout this process.

1.Some business models are better than others

Weather its selling products on amazon, eBay or possibly starting a Shopify online retail shop not all business models are created equal. Some business models had me pulling my hair out trying to understand the process while others had a lightbulb moment go off in my head, BINGO that’s the one!

2.High Energy

When you do something you enjoy it seems tiredness becomes a thing of the past. Working long hours is no longer a chore but a voluntary action on your part. Is this sustainable? Depends on who you ask but I shall find out in due course.

 3. Long game vs short game

As Gary V has said “people are chasing cash not happiness. when you chase money you’re going to lose” Although in the back of my mind I obviously want to make money I also am trying to keep in mind throughout this process bringing value to others is the way to win in the long term, not by chasing the quick buck.





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