Hustling and charity shop fun!


So today I headed into town the sole purpose of rummaging through all the local charity shops with the goal of finding hidden treasure. By this I mean of course finding goods I could flip online for a nice profit!

Here are some of my observations about the day I just had.

Finding stuff to sell

If you go to enough shops and look long enough it has been my experience so far that you will find items to sell with relative ease. Everything in the store is a euro or not much over so profits are easy to come by.

Finding gifts

It’s been my experience so far that not only will I stumble onto items I can sell for a tidy profit but I have frequently stumbled across ideal gifts for friends and family. Five euro got my lovely mother a bag of gifts today which she was delighted with!

Friendly staff

People who work in a charity shop seem to give off an extremely friendly funny and approachable vibe.  Why this is there could be multiple reasons but I had a laugh in nearly every shop I ventured into.

Summary of the day

Profits, ideal gifts, fun!


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