Little lessons from buying and flipping products online


While in previous posts I have mentioned the joy of flipping products through yard sales and charity shops, sourcing and flipping products online is it’s own unique world.

I have been sourcing products mainly through eBay and second hand sites local to my area, in Ireland these include and Nowadays instead of spending my time texting I spend it scrolling through the feed of these sites looking for the latest deals.

Some things I have learned along the way.

Negotiation is key

Unlike buying goods at a major retail store the price of the goods in these sites are always open to negotiation. Don’t ask and you don’t get as my father likes to say and as usual, he’s right. In eBay for example a product I wanted still had 9 days left at auction, I contacted the buyer directly and he sold it to me the next day for a negotiated price #winning!


As I am using sites which are local to my area many of the products are a short drive away from me. Offering to collect the products in person not only gives you a chance to eliminate shipping costs but it also gives you the opportunity to inspect the item for defects.

Constant supply

While at a yard sale the number of goods available is of a finite amount as you can imagine eBay among other sites has a constant supply of new products being listied for sale every single day.


Obviously it’s hard to know the true worth of every item you’re looking at online and be able to tell can you make a profit selling it. I specialised in one or two products to begin with, this allowed me to look at a product and immediately known if a profit was to be made. The aim was to expand my knowledge in time, day by day; I hope you do the same!

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