My insights from opening an online store


While exploring options to make money online I began selling on sites such as amazon and eBay but around the same time I looked into the process of how to open an online store. This eventually brought me to On Etsy people sell mostly vintage, retro or hand made goods using social media to drive traffic to their stores. I emulated them and a short two weeks later here are some of my insights.

Being unique

People were going to be spending time looking at my shop I felt it important to try differentiate myself from the crowd. Luckily this was easy enough as no one else can be me quiet as well as I can! Throwing your own personality into your shop as I did is was of the funner parts of making my shop.

Social media is king

Build it and then will come…not exactly true in the online shopping world. As I have discovered advertising through social media is the most cost effective but also efficient way to drive traffic. Examples include the following…@hustlerswelcome


Unlike amazon and eBay where you can start seeing the profits rolling in almost immediately, building your own unique store and persuading others to buy from you because you offer them substantial value is a long term game. Value over dollars will win in the long term!

If all this talk about building an online store got you interested in my own journey please feel free to check out my store.


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