Using social media to sell online


So once I started my online business it became clear social media was the online king of driving traffic. Right now my preferred routes of advertising include Instagram and using promoted pins on Pinterest.

Here are some of my observations

Value value value…then ask for business

Having your Instagram spammed with people asking you to buy their product can quickly lead you to the unfollow button. Taking the advice of Gary V I used to approach of offering value through motivational and inspiring quotes and then once every 10 posts or so advertising my product. This I hope gains me a trusted a loyal following who know I am trying to offer value rather than simply trying to empty their pockets.


Although Instagram is considered the sexier option when advertising I have found Pinterest to have an unbelievable customer reaches. It is in essence a search engine with 250 million daily users; depending on how much you’re willing to spend on advertising just 2 euro a day can expose your product t thousands of customers…2 euro a day!

The creative variable

Its one thing building a great product and trying to get eyes on it and gather attention but no amount of attention will boost sales if products and ads aren’t good. The creative is the variable!


This a marathon not a sprint for quick cash, it can be summarised with a quote” we overestimate what we can do in a year, we underestimate what we can do in 15”

Make sure to clap if you enjoyed and there are links to my social media and my store if all this talk about advertising has gotten you curious 🙂


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